Tuesday, April 20, 2010

I Love Birthday Parties!

It's true! I love birthday parties... I think it's because of the cake! lol! Birthdays are a very special time in the Lee household. They are so special, we have birthday weeks instead of just birthday-days (that's not a word!).

There is a very special 3rd grader in mine and my husband's life.  He is a member of the family who takes care of the Lees in North Dakota. I have the privilege of spending Monday and Friday afternoons with Michael. We spend an hour on those days doing homework, math flashcards, and spelling words (which he HATES, but he's getting really good at them!) lol! Michael is truly special to me! He was the student of the week at his school a couple of weeks ago and he had to fill out a student of the week form. This form had various questions on it, like: what is your favorite food, favorite book, etc. One of the questions was "Who do you admire?".... guess who he put? Mrs. Robyn. lol! I wanted to start crying (tears of joy!). Michael is such a sweet kid. Sometimes he gives me certain faces that only Michael can give and they will melt your heart. lol! We definitely laugh, sing, and cut up a lot during tutoring session... but we get the work done. If school work isn't fun, what's the point? :)

Michael had a birthday party last week, and of course, I was there with my camera. A party full of 20 3rd graders.... INSANE, but so much fun! A Transformers themed birthday party for one cool 3rd grader! And of course he received a canvas from Mrs. Robyn and Mr. Stephen! His mom introduced the gift as the most special gift. lol! It was the last gift he opened, so I guess it needed an introduction. I love seeing people's reactions when they open a canvas.... especially 3rd graders. And they all read the Bible verse out loud... TOGETHER. So sweet! :)

Take a look at some pics from the birthday party and the Soccer canvas:

  Have a blessed day!

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