Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Summer Gift Idea

I have a friend who works at a gym here in Vegas. Because of him, the Lee household is addicted to Vitamin Water (I enjoy reading the random sayings on the bottles)..... we LOVE it! I decided a wanted to give him a fun summer gift... just for being a great friend.

I found this really cute card on one of the blogs I stalk (yes, I know I stalk several!). eighteen25 is one of my favorite blogs. It is full of fun ideas and crafts. It is also where I found this card! I printed it on white card stock.

I also used a rope that fell out of a pair of pants I have. You know the ones that have a drawstring in it. Once it comes out, what are you suppose to do with it? I saved mine from a pair of workout pants. WHY? I don't have an answer for that. Sometimes, I really don't understand my thinking..... or ever!

I put all these random things together for a fun present:

 The finished product:
Oh and by the way.... my friend was so excited to get his present. It's the little and least expected things in life that make you smile! :)

Have a blessed Wednesday!

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