Thursday, August 11, 2011

Gift For A Deployed Airman

My husband and I have a friend who is deployed to Germany. I really miss seeing her every week, so I thought I would send a little something from home.... COOKIES!!!!

I used several items I had in my pantry and craft room to make something a little special for her. I used an almond can (emptied and washed 3 times, of course!). I found some really cute free printables on some blogs I regularly read (ok.... STALK!) and I decided to use them for this gift. Hello, Good Gravy posted some Mother's Day Gift Tags around Mother's Day. I thought they were so fun, so I decided to use them for another occasion. I printed them on 3M Full Sheet Labels to make stickers.  I also spotted some gift tags at I Still Love you. So fun! So cute!  Go on over to these blogs and print some out for yourself!
I had some ribbon and scrapbook paper laying around..... I never throw away scraps (I know I'm ridiculous, but if I think I can find a way to use it, I save it!)

Here's some pics of the process:

When I took the package to the post office, the guy at the counter commented that the "With Love and Appreciation" sticker was so appropriate. His comment, "I'm definitely not covering this up. I think your friend needs to see this before she opens her gift." That made my day!

Have a blessed Thursday!

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Katie said...

Aw, I teared up at this. You're so good to her! And how sweet of the postman. I'm sure this gift meant a lot to our Shanny.

I'm definitely going to use this idea!