Monday, July 16, 2012

Nana's Carrot Cake

My mother's favorite cake is carrot cake. Not carrot cake out of a box, but homemade carrot cake. The kind that has the freshly grated carrots and lots of LOVE in it. Before my Nana passed away, she made carrot cake just for my mom. Nana was an excellent baker (just one of the many things she was good at). For several years, Nana's recipe for carrot cake had been lost.  Her sister (my great aunt) was digging through some boxes recently, and guess what she found?!?! The recipe for carrot cake... in Nana's handwriting. She sent it to me, and I thought I would try to make one.  The result wasn't the prettiest, but it sure did taste good. :) I'll have to practice a little more before my mom comes to help with Baby Lee (only 8 more weeks!). I promised a fresh carrot cake when she gets here.
Have a blessed Monday!


NetteNette said...

Would you consider sharing it with another family member?

NetteNette said...

Would you consider sending the recipe to another family member?
Annette (NetteNette)