Wednesday, July 18, 2012

First Attempt at Cross Stitching

If there is anything in this world I wish I could would be to SEW. My grandmother was blessed with this talent, my mother was blessed with this talent, even my husband can sew a button on (and patches...i think it's a requirement in the military). Somehow, the ability to sew completely skipped over me.WHY?!?!?!
One day when I was suppose to be shopping for paint supplies, I found this cute little bib cross stitch kit at Michaels. lol! I couldn't pass it up.... I say that, but I don't even know how to sew. I think I told myself I just need to dive in and try. If it turns out horribly wrong, no one will have to know. How sad is that?!?! My grandmother gave me one quick lesson in cross stitching before she passed away. I wish I would have had several more lessons, but at least I had one. From that one lesson, I am by no means an expert. Actually, the farthest thing from it. Without pictures and directions, you can forget about it.
I attempted cross stitching on this bib for my nephew on the way (His estimated arrival is about 6 days after Baby Lee). Oliver, if you don't like it, know that LeeLee tried! lol! It was made with love...not so much talent!

P.S.- Don't look at the back!
Have a blessed Wednesday!

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