Thursday, December 15, 2011

Gifts: Wedding

At the beginning of the month, I traveled to Alabama for Ross and Angela's wedding. I was so excited to see them, take their wedding pictures, and give them their wedding presents. I packed everything (camera equipment and all) in two suitcases. When I zipped up my suitcase, everything seemed to be well packed....seemed to be. After arriving in Alabama, I realized that was not the case. Their wedding present broke in half. :(
I was so sad and disappointed. I worked hard on their gift and I had to give it to them broken. However, there was a Hobby Lobby half a mile from my hotel (Praise the Lord!). Gorilla Glue to the rescue!
This stuff works! I glued it back together Mr. & Mrs. Williams were pleased with their gift. I'm so thankful I had another gift for them -custom handmade stationery. I think it's probably my favorite stationery I've made.
Everyday is a new adventure in my life! 
Have a blessed Thursday!

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