Monday, December 5, 2011

Gift Idea: Date Night

I got this idea from Pinterest (I'm addicted!). [I can't find the exact link for this idea, but I didn't come up with it.... but I still LOVE it!] I gave this as a birthday gift to my husband, but I think it would be great for Christmas too.
The idea is that each month, a date night is planned. Items such as gift cards or money is placed in each envelope for each month. I know it has helped us budget better with date nights. I buy a gift card at the beginning of the month to wherever we would like go or do. Then I place it in the envelope and forget about it until my husband says, "Let's go on a date." Ideas: Movies, Dinner, Go Karts (we're doing that soon), Ice Cream. Free Things: Picnic at the park, Movie Night at home, etc.
Have a blessed Monday!

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