Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Gift: DIY Gift Card Holder

Our family gave a lot of gift cards as presents this year. I am a HUGE fan of gift cards (and donations in honor of others) as gifts. The main gift cards we buy are Starbucks and Shell gas cards. Gas is a necessity if you have a car and gas is so expensive. And well, I guess when we give Starbucks gift cards we are just feeding others addictions. My husband loves coffee and I love tea, so there's nothing wrong with a little pick me up (everyday!)
I have posted a project similar to this one before on my blog. It was a letter project. You can use that same card sleeve to put gift cards in. You can find the template for it at Creature Comforts Blog.

Enjoy the project and get creative. Everyone loves a homemade gift... especially if there's a little something extra inside.
Have a blessed Wednesday!

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Anonymous said...

This is so adorable and simple enough that even someone as non crafty as I am can have fun with it. I am going to make several of these for the holiday. Thanks for the great idea and photo!

Jennifer Smith