Thursday, September 29, 2011

Happy Birthday Rhia

"Happy Birthday Rhia!"- Sang to the tune of  "Happy Birthday Jesus!".... don't ask why?!

Today is one of my very dear friend's birthdays. She is so special to me. We made it all the way through undergrad and grad school together. Without her, I don't think I would have graduated- seriously! We live way too far apart now. Maybe one day we will live in the same state! How wonderful would that be?!?!?!?

Her and her husband just bought a new house, so I thought I would make some things for her office (she has a fabulous business called rhiDESIGN). She is so creative and I love to receive hand made things from her, so I decided to make her something. What was I thinking? I found an inspiration picture on Pinterest.

My turned out nothing like this. What went wrong? lol! Maybe next time, I should just send her a 30X40 canvas. SIKE!

But, there is a tradition that Rhia and I have... for every holiday, we give crosses. I'm really not sure how that started either. LOL! Anyways, I made her one.
I wouldn't be who I am today without my sweet friend Rhia! Rhia, thanks for being such an inspiration to me. You are blessing to the Lee family (as well as Zak and Juneau). Thank you for being an example of a godly woman in my life. Continue to be obedient to His calling!
I love you and I miss you sooooooo much!

Rhia, have a blessed birthday! Everyone else, have a blessed Thursday!

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