Tuesday, July 5, 2011


Last night at the 4th of July celebration, I pushed a button on my camera that I had never pushed before. Let me just say, I was very shocked and excited when I realized it was a VIDEO.

Me:"What does this button do?"
Random Man Walking behind me (Stalker): "I know exactly what that button does... it drains your battery!"

I was a little disturbed by him, but didn't really pay attention to him. My camera has video on it! What? No Way! I couldn't believe it. I'm telling you, my camera has way too many fancy buttons on it and I'm learning something new everyday about it.
So, in honor of my excitement about the video, here are some fireworks from last night's festivities! Enjoy!

Have a blessed Tuesday!

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Katie said...

I love that you included the story of the strange stalker man! I'm still so excited that your camera has this capability. Thanks for including us in the festivities!