Tuesday, March 30, 2010

YMCA Marathon

Last Thursday, I received a phone call from the Minot Family YMCA. They have a marathon coming up at the end of April (Go check out their site: YMCA Minot). As a gift to the first and second place runners from each category, they give artwork from a local artist. I'm still not sure how they found out that I paint. I've been so busy with online orders, that I haven't advertised to local people what I do. But what a blessing this is!
Hundreds of people come from all over the world for this race (to Minot, ND?). This is a huge event for the City of Minot. The YMCA almost didn't host it this year, but the City of Minot told them they had to. I'm grateful for that!
I have 80 canvases to do for 1st and 2nd place (age categories) as well as 35 1st place relay canvases. I started on Friday, and I have 24 done. I met my goal of having 20 done by yesterday. Praise the Lord!
I'll keep an update of my progress for the next couple of weeks. I have to finish them before April 13th...that's when I leave on my month and a half long journey to the south.

Here's my inspiration for the canvas:

Progress pic: (And yes that is our kitchen counter I have completely take over!)

Have a blessed day!

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