Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Canvas Art: LOVE Tree

I received a FB message from a client who wanted a piece of artwork for her home. Here's what she sent me:
"Colors: black, white, and red are my living room colors. I would like something with a little more red, because most of the pictures are black and white. But not too drastic either! It's really just up to your creative style, haha!" (I love when clients say that!)
[style]"'s a mixture of both modern and vintage, lol! As decor, we have random black and white photos all around. Some are city scapes, some people, and then family photos, all ranging from old to new. The red is tied in with curtains, pillows, and small little tidbits. I would like this to go in the center of the main wall, between or two shelves as a focal piece.
I like the theme that you have with the fruit of the spirit painting with the tree. Since its a love passage, maybe a love theme? I don't know! I'm really so easy to please!"

I hope this one pleases her! If not, I know exactly where I'm going to hang it in my house. lol!

 Have a blessed Wednesday! 

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