Thursday, May 10, 2012

Animal Crackers

I have the best mother-in-law on the face of the planet! She knows how much a LOVE animal crackers....not just any animal crackers though...Barnum's Animal Crackers. When I was a kid, if my mom gave me a choice to get a snack at the grocery store, I would get a little box of animal crackers. You know, the ones that look like a circus car with a handle on it. I never told my mother-in-law this, but she sent them to me one day in a care package. When I opened the box, it was like I was 6 years old again. She sends them more often now... 1. because I love them! 2. for Baby Lee 3. to share with Valkyrie. Needless to say, they don't last very long at my house.
Thanks Mrs. Vickie! You have made 3 Lee's very happy!
Have a blessed Thursday!

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