Tuesday, February 7, 2012

My Precious Husband!

Sometimes I have to sit back and realize that God has a sense of humor....if you don't believe me, hang out in our household for a little bit. And He always has to remind me that He is in control of all things even when I try to be. Another lesson I learn every day is that His timing is PERFECT. You would think that I would have learned these things already, but what can I say? God has his hands full with me.

All that to say, that I knew I was pregnant a day before I told my precious husband. I wanted to make sure before I told him. I was a little bit in disbelief to say the least.
My husband had a rough week at work (we take one day at a time around here). So, when this happens I usually get him a little something. Most of the time it's Legos or a Captain America toy. lol! But not this time. I wrapped a Louisiana Tech onesie in a bag (A Captain America bag, I might add), and told him I got him a little present. The only thing out of the ordinary is that I wrapped it. But how fun would that have been if I would have handed a onesie and said here's your present. Plus I needed some time to catch his reaction on the camera (picture taking while opening any present is not out of the ordinary in our home).

Stephen: Awww.... what's this for?
Me: I know you've had a rough week, so I got you a little present!
Stephen: You wrapped it?
Me: (keeping my mouth shut) Just open it!

His reaction was priceless!!!
 Then after realizing that the onesie was meant for a baby that was in my tummy, he got excited! lol!

Have a blessed Tuesday!


Momma K said...

These pictures are priceless!! :-) Y'ALL ARE HAVING A BABY!!!!!!! :-) :-) :-) :-)

Alicia Johnson said...

Priceless!!! Keep these special moments forever!!