Thursday, December 2, 2010

Davis, Long, and Lewis Family

A couple of weeks ago, I had the privilege of taking photos for the Davis, Long, and Lewis Family. Three generations (another thing I can mark off my photographers list- I LOVE when that happens). I spent a couple of hours with them in THE COUNTRY. I had to trust my handy dandy GPS. It took me down some gravel roads that looked very questionable, but in the end, I made it.... in one piece!

I should have posted these yesterday, but I couldn't decide which ones to post. I had so many favorites... so, I'm just going to post most of them. This is probably the most pics I've ever posted in one blog.

BOYS,BOYS, BOYS!!!! These pics made me laugh because when I think of little brothers, this is exactly what comes to mind.

Look at this face....
Have a blessed day!


Kathy said...

Robyn, I must not have 10 friends

Anonymous said...

Beautiful pictures!!!!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful pictures!!!