Thursday, November 25, 2010

Adoption Fundraiser

In honor of Thanksgiving, I'm hosting an Adoption Fundraiser for a sweet family I know. I have to much to be thankful for- a Savior,  my husband, family, friends, church, and so much more. And because I'm so thankful for my family, I think that a special child in Africa deserves to have a wonderful loving family too. The Clark Family is adopting a child from Ethiopia. Check out their blog!

Here's how the fundraiser works. Think of it as an auction. The painting below is valued at $55.  Leave a comment with the price you're willing to pay for the canvas. It can be more than $55. The fundraiser will end on December 7th. I will keep you updated on the highest price of the painting for those that want to keep bidding. Alll of the money given for the price of the canvas will be given to the Clark Family to help with their adoption process.
The canvas is a perfect gift for Christmas!!!

The precious family:

Have a blessed Thanksgiving!

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