Thursday, January 26, 2012

Caught in Action

Our child (dog-Valkyrie) has found a new thing to do in our home. She sneaks on the couch in the loft upstairs. We're not sure where she got this from or why she started doing this. She's not allowed on any other furniture in the house. I guess she thinks because we hardly ever use the couch upstairs that it needs some attention and love. lol! Child, PLEASE! We have caught her doing this a couple of times.. hints why we have a sheet on the couch. Normally, if she sees us while she's laying on the couch, she jumps down immediately (GUILTY!) But this time, she didn't budge! And to top that off she stuck her tongue out at me. What am I going to do with her?! LOL! I took her picture, let her enjoy rebelling for a split second, and then made her get down. I'm a terrible mother, I know! Enjoy seeing my dog "backtalking" to me!
Have a blessed Thursday!

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