Tuesday, October 5, 2010

My New "Office"

I recently finished my new office. Well, it's not really an office, it's more like just a desk. It's where I spend most of my day. Before I reorganized, I couldn't concentrate on a single task for very long. I would look around at all the papers and my brain would forget what I was doing and think about what to do with it all the clutter! AHHHH!!!!
But not anymore! Woo-hoo! Everything is organized and has its own place. FINALLY!
I took some pictures to show you the dramatic results.
I love my $15 sewing table/desk!

I now have an inspiration board! I bought a huge canvas painting at the thrift store (frame and all) for $3.50. The idea was to paint the canvas with magnetic paint so that I could use magnets on my board. Word of advice: Magnetic paint doesn't work so well on canvas. So, I went to the next idea, which is to use push pins. It gets the job done. Oh and by the way, the colors match the pillows in our living room (our apartment is one big room. lol!)
And my new lamp.... $3.50 from thrift store. The lamp shade is from Hobby Lobby ($15 regular $29.99)
Have a blessed Tuesday!

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Lisa said...

awe.. you still have your Flat Stanley!